Remington Ammo Duplex Magnum Shotshells, 2-3/4″, 1-1/2oz, 4×6 Shot, 12ga, 10rd

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Manufacturer Remington
Caliber 12ga
Accessory Rail Not Applicable
Warranty Warranty provided by product manufacturer.

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Premier magnum high velocity copper plated buffered turkey loads add a whole dimension to this high performance package. Utilizing a specially blended powder recipe, Remington’s advanced power piston one piece wad and hardened copper plated shot, these high velocity loads result in extremely dense patterns and outstanding knockdown power at effective ranges. Premier magnum copper plated buffered turkey loads the original magnum turkey load is cushioned with special polymer buffering and further protected by the power piston one piece wad for dense even patterns. When ranges vary, they combine retained energy and penetration from the larger pellets with pattern density from the smaller ones. Duplex patterns are extremely well balanced.