Question: What is the total cost to get a Delaware Concealed Carry Permit?
Answer: There are a few variables that can make the cost fluctuate. The cost of the Newspaper you put your article in and the ammunition for the pistol you will be using for the class will differ.

Question: Does your classroom have restroom facilities?
Answer: Yes

Question: If I do not have a firearm, can I still take the course?
Answer: Yes, we have firearms that may be used by students for any of our courses but you must identify that you require the use of a firearm. The student will have to purchase the required ammunition from me.

Question: Do I have to take the Concealed Carry Class before I apply for my permit?
Answer: No, you can apply for your permit as long as you do all the required steps outlined on the Concealed Carry Permit Instruction Sheet. Item 8 states that you will have 90 days to complete the required course once your permit has been approved. If you cannot take a class within the 90 day period, proof of registration in a class will need to be provided or your application will be terminated.

Question: How long does the approval process take?
Answer: The approval process can take up to and beyond 90 days depending on the background check and the amount of applications to process. Generally, Sussex and New Castle County averages around 90 days and Kent County is around 60 days. People with existing background checks (military, state employees, etc.) usually get theirs quicker.

Question: Where can I find the Self Defense Laws for Delaware?

You should contact an attorney with any questions you might have and for any legal advice

Question: Where can I find the gun transportation criteria for my state?

Question: What states am I able to carry a concealed carry pistol in if I have a Delaware permit?
Answer: That is a very good question. Some states do recognize Concealed Carry Permits from other states and others do not. This is called “Reciprocity”. A complete list of Reciprocity states can be found at the State of Delaware website. The laws governing Reciprocity can change and should be checked frequently. Another resource is

Question: I am a Delaware Resident and have a Concealed Carry Permit from another state. Can I use that Permit to carry in Delaware?
Answer: No, the Attorney Generals Website explains that a Delaware Resident must have a Delaware Concealed Carry Permit to legally carry.

Question: Where can I find ammunition?
Answer: You can look at any gun shop or sporting goods store (Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabelas, Gander Mountain, etc.) that sells firearms. There are plenty of places on-line that you may be able to purchase from as well. We can also provide the ammunition for your at a cost.

Question: What distances do we shoot at for qualification?
Answer: 1-10 yards

Question: I am active duty military stationed in Delaware but do not have a Delaware Drivers License. Can I take the Delaware Concealed Carry Course?
Answer: No, you must be a resident of Delaware with a Delaware Driver’s License. Delaware does not have an exemption for military members when it comes to Concealed Carry certification.

Question: What is the minimum age to be able to apply for a Delaware Concealed Carry Permit?
Answer: The minimum age is 18.

Question: What is the minimum age for a student in your class?
Answer: 12 years old.