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XR45-S Platinum – The Boberg Arms XR45-S is the most powerful pocket pistol in the world. With Boberg Arms patented reverse feed technology the pistol features the longest barrel possible in a pocket size carry piece. Welcome to the XR series revolution! With its recoil absorbing reverse feed mechanisms the user enjoys the lowest felt recoil of any pocket .45 available. No ifs ands or buts! And with its D.A.O. trigger and passive firing pin safety it offers a shooting platform far safer than any striker fired S.A.O. pistol utilizing a paddle safety. The XR45 offers the concealed carry customer the ability to enjoy the superior ballistics of the .45 ACP round without the bulk or harsh recoil. The XR45 is rated for the awesome .45 Super round as well! Our exceptional shooting .45 pocket pistol is made 100% in the U.S.A.. The Platinum Edition is for those who desire to possess a showpiece firearm that can be shot a lot and still look great! The Platinum Edition’s aircraft-grade aluminum frame has a beautiful Nickel/Chrome Satin Sheen finish. The trigger transfer bar and all exposed parts are zirconia-finished natural stainless steel. Zytel grips in your choice of Black Olive Green or Action Red complement the Platinum’s sleek lines.