Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon 45 ACP w/ Surefire X300 & Crimson Trace Laser Grips


Manufacturer Nighthawk Custom
Caliber .45 ACP
Sights (detailed) Heinie Slant Pro Straight-Eight Night Sights
Grips Nighthawk Logo Custom Stippled Crimson Trace Laser Grips
Frame Finish Black
Slide Finish Black
Barrel Length (in) 5.0″
Number of Mags 2
Accessory Rail Yes
Magazine Well No
FFL Requirements All firearms must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder. We cannot and will not ship firearms to anyone but a FFL. We must receive the receiving dealer’s FFL by fax () or email ().
Warranty Warranty provided by product manufacturer.

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$150 Trade-In Allowance!

Dig through the old junk good stuff in your basement and find $150! Be creative – we are excited to see what useless crap treasures you will send us.
We are in no rush so send it at your convenience.

Here’s some things we would happily take in on trade:

– Your broken Taurus favorite gun
– Gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, watches, nice jewelry
– Magazines (9mm, .45 ACP, Popular Mechanics, etc)
– Old Scopes and optics
– Letter confessing your undying love to Osage County Guns
– Grips (don’t be cheap, send us the pair)

Here’s some things we would unhappily take in on trade:

– Your old brass that can’t be reloaded
– Gun socks that smell like gym socks
– Expired beef jerky (we like it fresh)

Here’s some things we would NOT take in on trade:

– Stolen Property
– Explosives or other illegal items (in Missouri, not California)
– Items that we will have to pay to dispose of if we don’t want it
– Your cat, we already have one

Most of the time, trouble occurs after the sun goes down. Law Enforcement agencies are keenly aware of this, which accounts for why we sell so many GRP Recon Pistols to active duty police officers. It provides them a level of protection by illuminating whatever situation that they may be sent to, and it speaks with the authority that only comes from a 45caliber weapon in a gunfight. They also recognize what a bargain it is, since it comes with a $250.00 Surefire X 300 Tactical Light included in the price.

The GRP RECON comes with all the features of our proven GRP, but includes a frame that has an integrated rail for tactical lights.