TCA 08156297 P/H RFL FRAME W/S


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Thompson Center Pro Hunter Frame now has Weather Shield Protection. It has a corrosion resistant finish. The finish is added to the barrel and other critical metal parts; this makes the gun nearly impervious to rust. Weather Shield is 50X more corrosion resistant than Stainless Steel alone. Thompson Centers master gun makers have also teamed up with limb saver to create the FlexTech stock system that was designed to absorb shock and reduce harmful recoil and vibration. It incorporates four synthetic recoil absorbing arches that operate similar to a leaf spring to create a crush zone and allow the stock to compress during the recoil process. The Pro Hunter rifle frame features a swing hammer safety that allows for easy access to the hammer spur. The speed breech quick release breech plug can be easily removed by rotating it only 90 degrees. The Pro Hunter extractor can be rotated left or right for easy access to the speed breech.


Type Rifle Frame
Gun model Pro Hunter
Frame finish Stainless Steel
Frame material Stainless Steel
Furniture material Synthetic
Furniture finish Black w/Weather Shield
Grips stock Black Synthetic
Action Break Open
Hand Ambidextrous